Hey this is a cool website, I have one question. When is the next post coming?

Laughin' Club Penguin

Hello Penguins, Its Mini Pengy18! Do you remember me?  If no, let me tell you some things about me and my penguin! 🙂

In 2010 I made a blog called “The Ninja Gang” It was my first official Club Penguin blog. At that time, the Music Jam was on. A few months later I started another blog called “MpClubPenguin” It was a success and was epic! 🙂

In November 2010, I decided to create a domain, CPCheats4U. This blog still exists and you can ask for link in the Contact Me Page! Then, I quited CP for a long time.

Finally, I returned to “MpClubPenguin” (now its Laughin’ Club Penguin) which will be my permanent blog forever (until I quit once again) Hehe!

Keep On Searching For Posts –Mini Pengy18 

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