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Meet Micahdesara in Club Penguin

Hello guys, you probably don’t know this but I am becoming a big fan of the Club Penguin Army – Ice Warriors. I am sorry I have not been posting for days. You can meet me here – a penguin on will tell the rooms. Here are the details.

Tuesday 26 of Feb 2013, at 7:00 PM EST

Server: Deep Freeze

Rooms: TBA on

Am I missing something? Leave a comment.Image

New Codes

Hey guys, sorry I have not been posting so long because I have not been able to do much computer. Anyway, today we have some new codes on Club Penguin. Thanks for the website called■■■■

  • FILMSTAR – Popcorn Hand Item
  • EISBERG2 – 500 coins
  • BAHNFREI – 500 coins