Cool Stuff

Hey guys, I’m sorry I have not written a post for the last 3 days. I have some cool stuff about Club Penguin, and this includes codes :), so please like this and read 😉

GLITCH 1 – SIMPLE – The first glitch I have for you is very simple, and it can not get you banned at all. This is called Walking on Paths. Click on your path ( any path in cp ) and open the mail. Leave open for 10 seconds, and close. You’ll be walking on paths. Here is a photo of me doing it. Image

GLITCH 2- MID LVEL – This is another glitch in Club Penguin that can do something. It is called All Green ( I discovered it ) To do this, you have to get at least 20 green penguins in one room, and then you’ll tip whatever room your in! Here is a photo of me doing it.Image

GLITCH 3 – HARD – This is a hard glitch I discovered. It is called No Penguin. First, go behind something. I don’t have any photos for this, sorry :\

Micahdesara, Waddle On Clubpenguiners!


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