Cp Guide Page

Hello penguins, I am making an epic page that has plenty of cheats for our blog. I took a lot of time to make this, though normally, I’m so busy that I quickly rush through my post. Anyway, this link will give you the guides to Club Penguin. The page will be edited in a week or so, when we have more. Anyway, starting with the codes in Club Penguin. Log on and unlock all of the codes and see what you get!








There are way more codes in Club Penguin. Just look at the end of the post to see the extra code and by the way, another code is STAYSAFE

Igloo Guide:

Hello again, I have the guide for igloo(s). If you want to have kinda like a house at your igloo, you’ll need what you see in the photo. Take a look.Image

Do you have what you need to make your igloo awesome? Leave a comment below.

Sorry guys, that’s all for now. More will be posted in an hour.

55 × 55 – clubpenguintimes.com

Simple Glitch Guide

This is the glitch guide to Club Penguin. The first glitch I’ll be talking about today is called Walk on Paths. To walk on paths, you need to click on a path, any path. Then when you are walking to any path, open the mail. Open the mail for at least 10 seconds. Close it. Then you’ll be walking on walls! If you want a photo of me doing it, visit my website – Your on it now!


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