Marvel Superhero Takeover Cheats: Vid by Thinknoodles

Club Penguin Marvel Superhero Takeover

is here!

Waddle around Club Penguin! The party is here! And you know what? It’s getting closer to my Earth Day Meetup!
This is what Thinknoodles said on Club Penguin Insiders:

Hey everyone! The Marvel Super Hero Takeover 2013 party has arrived and the Club Penguin team has really surprised me because I was worried there would be a lot of repeats!

There is a new Marvel Party catalog, with new costumes for our penguins including some for non-member penguins, as well! Even some of the costumes from last year’s party are still available to those who didn’t make it last year! Aunt Arctic is visiting the island again with a brand-new background!

You can choose to be a Super Hero or Super Villain, don’t worry, you can change back and forth as often as you like.

Many of the rooms in Club Penguin have been completely transformed and you can even go up into the Avengers Hellicarrier from the Beach! Each day, new robots and power gloves will be released all the way through May 2nd, so log in every day and get them!

Don’t miss out on the Super Hero Hoodie and Super Villain Hoodie. Check the walkthrough video below to see how to get them!


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