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Non-members, this is your chance to become a fire, water, or even SNOW ninja on the 23rd. Hurry up non-members. For you non-members that can’t go into the fire or water dojo, later, I will make a guide on how to become a fire or water ninja. Maybe even snow on the 23rd. An avalanche covered the dojo.



Clothing Catalog Cheats

Hi guys! I’m here with the new clothing catalog cheats. On the other post I said there were no cheats videos, but I took pics. If you want to put them on your blog/website, you may. Anyways, here are the pictures.

Here is the first page of the NEW catalog. These are the backgrounds. Image

The next page of this catalog is kind of girlish. You scroll over the elements and you can buy a fire princess, water princess, and the NEW snow princess! Image

The next page is totally normal new clothes for this catalog. With a cheat.Image

The next page is also normal new clothes.Image

And next, normal new clothes again. Image

Okay, this one has an amazing cheat. Image

Note: I forgot some cheats. I don’t want to give away some more.

Bye guys. That’s all for now. I hope you enjoy.

Waddle on!

Catalog: Clothing

Hi. Haven’t posted for a while cause I’ve been busy with sports, school, homework, and MY SISTER. She’s been using the computer forever. 2 days ago from when this was posted, the catalog came out but I was to busy to post. I don’t use YouTube to make videos, but watch. I also have bad news: Since none of the websites I use for cheats like Club Penguin Insiders haven’t even posted the catalog cheats yet, I’m sorry, but I cannot find a cheats video. I’ll try to take pictures, but that will take a while.

picture post will be up soon!


New codes

Hi, guys. Sorry I haven’t posted cheats for a while  ( I have been to busy with the coin contest ) so today I’m here with some new codes – 1500 coins.

1. Go to home Club Penguin

2. Click Unlock Items

3. Enter username and password

4. Enter codes

Here are the codes.

  • TEABLACK – 500 coins
  • 14COOKIE – 500 coins
  • VOLCANO2 – 500 coins

Enter the coin contest

Well hello, guys. Now the form is out. Fill out the form to be entered in the 15,000 coin contest. If you enter twice and win both times, you’ll get 30,000 and if you enter 3 times and you win all ( doubt that ) you’ll get 45,000 coins. There are 3 winners in this coin contest.

I know, I know. This form is extremely easy. Enter quick.
1st place winners will receive 45,000 coins
2nd place winners will receive 30,000 coins
3rd place winners will receive 15,000 coins
Something really cool: Did you know you actually could win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd? That actually could happen, but it’s like a two percent chance. But if it happened, you’d get 90,000 coins.