How I Became Famous From the Beginning ( not REALLY famous )

Hi guys. This is a story from when it all started. Might not be a long story, so what? So get reading!

It all started years ago, in the first week in October 2011. My friend told be about Club Penguin. He told me his story. He saw his cousin playing a game, and he asked what it was. It was Club Penguin, so my friend joined CP and then right away, he told me about it. It took me a couple months to think about it. Then I finally joined somewhere between November 2011 and December 2011. But back than I wasn’t a member, I only had around 15 friends, I didn’t have any clothes or any puffle. Then, in January 2012, for the first time in 5 weeks I logged into my account. I didn’t really know how to LOL so I asked my dad to, who created my penguin for me. That was back when I was younger and way less creative. Then, on February 1st, I logged into my account and got the Camera Pin. The next time I logged into my account was the beginning of the Puffle Party of 2012. Then, I became a member. In April 2012, my membership expired and I got a new one. In May 2012 , I began commenting on WordPress sites. In June 2012, I started to become popular. I came up with an idea to create a blog.  In July 2012, The Music Jam, I looked up lots of cp cheats sites, and finally, I found Club Penguin Insiders. I started viewing it every day. In August 2012, The Temple of Fruit Party, I became an expert of Club Penguin. I finished the thing in less than a day. In September 2012, The Fair, I earned thousands of tickets. The Fair is one of my favorite parties. In October 2012, The Halloween Party, I searched how to become famous. It sort of worked! In November 2012, I began preparing for this blog. In the end of November 2012, I created a WordPress account, and on December 1st, 2012, I created Clubpenguinmicahdenews. Very slow, I became a bit famous. In January, I started visiting other sites. In February, I joined a legendary army, the Ice Warriors army of Club Penguin. I play Animal Jam every once in a while when Club Penguin is not working. I am not famous, and not a member on Animal Jam. By March, the blog already had a few thousand views. And now, everything is normal. I think I won’t ever stop blogging on this blog and playing Club Penguin!

Waddle on and have fun at my Surfs Up Meetup!



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