Monthly Archives: October 2013

Halloween Party Starts in less than six hours!

Hi guys, I am very exited. At 12:00 AM Eastern Time, the Halloween Party starts. As a few of you know, this is one of my favorite parties in Club Penguin. IDK what stuff they have this year, but I’m exited to find out. Last year, you could turn into ghosts. I hope you can this year. I’m just letting you know that at 6:50 AM EST time ( six hours fifty minutes after party starts ) I will be on the server Icicle in the Snow Forts. I can’t wait to see people’s Halloween costumes. Waddle on!


ImageIK it’s seriously not scary but she won. Well I think this igloo is a bit TO crazy. On that day, I had just gone nuts because I was so exited to ride an airplane again so uh, I guess that’s why I chose her… NO! I remember she was the only one that entered. Seriously. 😀 LOL