Monthly Archives: January 2014

The party starts tomorrow

The party starts tomorrow ( Thursday ) and many penguins  are getting ready for the party tomorrow and I will be there in club penguin at 7:00 AM EST. and in early morning and ill eat pizza before i be in the party and ill be dancing in the club in club penguin and ill be searching for things to and the party will be fun.


Sorry about the grammar mistakes. My sister wrote this and she’s only in first grade.

CPMDN Updates

I know I have not been posting for a very long time so from now on, I will post EVERY day. And also, I will be holding a jokes contest. Pretty soon, I will be making a jokes page, and the winner of the joke contest will get their joke in that page. Send your joke in this form. You have until January 10th. Results will be announced the next day which is January 23th. And also, I wish everyone a late merry Christmas. You don’t have to worry, because I won’t retire for years. So here is the form: