Monthly Archives: February 2014

Emergency Announcement

Hey guys, I’m here to tell you I might not be active for a week due to a blizzard. For those of you who live in the northeast U.S.A, please be aware that we are about to get 18 inches of snow.


And the blizzard just started 25 seconds ago and there is already half an inch of snow on the ground

Super Bowl 2014 Giveaway

Hey guys, sorry I have not been posting for a while. Since tonight at 6:00 PM, est, is the Super Bowl, I will be giving away a club penguin code. Answer the questions. Since usually only about 35 people enter, you probably have a 35 percent chance of winning. I will tell you guys a used golden code card code that I used. It is GCJW-BMGR-M8V9-8K6V. So just fill out the form below, and you might win.


Thank you for your enter if you did enter.