Club Penguin Star Wars Rebels Takeover

Hey guys, today I’m here with my first post about CP since July. I am really sorry that I was not posting, I just totally forgot about Club Penguin. You know, I prefer the original Star Wars: A New Hope, but Rebels is fine. The Star Wars Rebels Takeover is coming up on Thursday! Uh, I honestly have no idea what to say… um, oh, in this picture, it gives us a sneak peek of the Rebels Takeover. I cannot wait for this party ( even though I prefer regular Star Wars ), but anyways, look at this picture:

Uh, there are some furniture catalog and Penguin Style cheats that you can find on other websites, I don’t have much time.

Sorry that this is a short post, but tell me what you think about the Rebels Takeover in the comments below if you are viewing this, AND tell me if you think I should make a new blog and delete this blog.

Oh yeah, and waddle on!


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