Micahdesara Meetup

Hello. Tomorrow, I will be having a meetup. Read more to find the details:

Server: Whiteout ( if full, Iceberg )

Location: Pizza Parlor

Time: 10:30 a.m. Eastern


Waddle on!



2 thoughts on “Micahdesara Meetup

  1. micahdesara Post author

    What… the… fuck…
    I don’t believe that anybody is reading this… but how the fuck…
         I must confess that I was like 9 when I first made this blog.  Oh boy do I remember those days.  Now I’m like 14 and I’m shocked reading over this.  The fact that I did all of this when I was extremely young.  And finally, the fact that this website has existed for 4 years!  4 damn years! 
           And how the hell did I not know that half the stuff I was posting was illegal?  I remember I was really into this weird channel, I think it was called Thinknoodles or something, but hell I sure did watch every single one of their videos during the time I played Club Penguin.
           Now that I come to realize it, I must admit I was real stupid back then.  I was copying videos and posting them on this site without giving credit!  Now that I look back on it, I was doing bullshit.


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