What… the… fuck…

I don’t believe that anybody is reading this… but how the fuck…

I must confess that I was real young when I first made this blog.  Oh boy do I remember those days.  Now I’m super old and I’m shocked reading over this.  The fact that I did all of this when I was extremely young.  And finally, the fact that this website has existed for 4 years!  4 damn years!

And how the hell did I not know that half the stuff I was posting was illegal?  I remember I was really into this weird channel, I think it was called Thinknoodles or something, but hell I sure did watch every single one of their videos during the time I played Club Penguin.

Now that I come to realize it, I must admit I was real stupid back then.  I was copying videos and posting them on this site without giving credit!  Now that I look back on it, I was doing bullshit.  Bullshit that could’ve gotten me in some real trouble.  Thankfully, I didn’t for some miracle reason but I most likely would’ve.

Of course I’ve outgrown Club Penguin and all that shit.  Of course I’m not gonna post anymore.  What do you expect?  And I’m probably gonna end up deleting this illegal website of mine.  Of course, I was saying that I was gonna do this about 2 years ago but I completely forgot about it until now.

I just checked, and this website has gotten a total of 10,000 views in the 4 year period.  10,000.  That isn’t that much.  And I still remember when I would spend hours on the computer playing Club Penguin, chatting on the servers, and I had so many virtual friends at such a young age that I would look forward to getting out of school to talk to them.

That was little me.  Now I’m so much bigger and more mature.  I don’t play this game at all.  Instead, I’ve moved on to PS4 and mobile gaming which I find much more fun at this age.

I find it real  interesting looking through all my old posts from years ago.  Some are actually worth keeping, and others I’m forced to delete because of the law.  So yes, I’m keeping this website just so one day, I can look at my 6 year old posts on WordPress which were the beginning of my addiction to technology.

I still think that Club Penguin is a good game.  I didn’t stop it because I hated it, I just did.  One day, I had a ton of homework, and same with the next day.  I completely forgot about the computer during the weeks after that.  I got a device and instantly became addicted to many other mobile games.  So yes, I guess I did just outgrow it.  After that, I basically went 3 years without using Club Penguin.  Over that period of time, I transformed from little me to big me.

In conclusion, I must say that I had a great time on Club Penguin, and I’m keeping this website just for a few laughs.  In anybody is there, feel free to look through my old and forgotten posts from years ago. I’m gonna be deleting a lot of the illegal ones like I previously mentioned.


Have a great day!

-You Probably Don’t Even Remember My Nickname


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